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    Welcome to the FWCC 2017

    FWCC is a competiton where every team and every player in the world can play. The purpose is to see which is the best Pro Club in the World!

    We have tried to keep this tournament Simple so it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of whether you have 2 players or 11 players. You choose if you want to play with an Any or a Goalie, we don’t impose any rule to tell you how to play. It doesn’t matter how you are setup if you’re good enough you will win, its as simple as that!

    The only thing you have to do, is to registrate your team. Click on FWCC TEAM REGISTRATION on the top and select the registration of the team for your platoform (PS4/XBOX/PC) and sign up your team, as indicated, filing each field.

    Hurry up! Registration ends on 5th Febraury 2017.

    The first match starts on 14th and 15th February.

    Rules and Calendar coming soon.

    RULES: http://www.fvpa.net/forum/index.php?threads/fwcc-rules.73215/

    Go here to sign up your team:


    XBOX: http://www.fvpa.net/forum/index.php?forms/team-registration-fwcc-xbox.5/respond

    PC: http://www.fvpa.net/forum/index.php?forms/team-registration-fwcc-pc.3/respond
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